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Gallery Programs

Artists Exhibited

Lauren Halsey
Lauren Halsey
Felipe Baeza
Felipe Baeza
Patrick Martinez
Patrick Martinez
texas isaiah
texas isaiah
Kang Seung Lee
Kang Seung Lee
Oscar Magallanes
Oscar Magallanes

About Us

Residency Art Gallery was birthed from one simple idea – Contemporary art for a neighborhood predominantly inhabited by people of color. The purpose of Residency is to provide a creative space for contemporary visual arts and photography from perspectives that reflect the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to exhibitions, we encourage dialogue between artists, activists, and the community by regularly holding discussions within the space. The space itself is approximately 800 square feet, and is equipped for the exhibition of paintings, installations, sculptures, photography, digital media and video art. Residency is located in the burgeoning community of Downtown Inglewood; serving and representing an existing community which otherwise is at threat of being overshadowed by new developments in the area.