Gifted Project — Residency Art Gallery
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A Photography Project by Jaimie Milner
10.1 – 11.5.16
Opening Photo Coverage by Dorian Hill

About the Exhibit

The Gifted project features a collection of interviews and photographs of influential Black men in their most natural, unadulterated states and environments. The men that participated in this project range from 25 to 85 years of age and are in the sectors of the Arts, Business, Politics and Finance. The current selection of participants has garnered recognition and accolades for their work in their respective fields. The purpose of this collection is to ignite pride amongst Black men by portraying a more truthful and honest depiction that honors the creative genius and profound contributions that these men have made to their communities, and society as a whole. Milner’s visual documentation and exposure of these men is a display of their strength and beauty to create and inspire tremendous works despite a period in history of emasculation and social denigration. The Gifted project is dedicated to Milner’s father, who continues to be the driving influence for her collection.

About the Artist

Jaimie Milner – Born and raised in southern California, Milner discovered photography in high school. Milner was inspired and encouraged by Ms. O’Sullivan, a teacher at her Pasadena high school, to take photography as a high school elective. Ms. O’Sullivan had recognized Milner’s eye for photography and took the time to nurture and cultivate that talent. This instilled a confidence and determination in Milner to pursue photography not as a hobby, but as an art form. After high school, Milner attended the University of Southern California and received her in Bachelors in Communication. In her studies at USC, she learned about the portrayal of race, gender and sexuality in the media and the effects it has on our society and it made her realize that she could have a direct influence on how people saw themselves and each other. Milner combined this new found learning and her love for the art of photography to capture the essence and stories of a people and their individual characteristics. Milner uses photographic portraiture as her primary medium by which she aspires to capture, empower and inspire the spirit of the people of the African diaspora
Jaimie Milner