SUN + LIGHT — Residency Art Gallery
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A Solo Exhibition by Charles Williams

1.20 – 3.10.18

About the Exhibit

SUN + LIGHT is Williams’ first west coast solo exhibition and will showcase all-new work from the South Carolina native. The exhibition serves as a juxtaposition between Williams’ own personal encounters, past and present, and with the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s. Williams attempts to strike a balance between both the peaceful and violent protests of the movement. The work is further inspired by the expressive and abstract paintings of Franz Kline and color theorist Joseph Albers. During the creation of this project, Williams recants stories told to him by his grandmother about this specific period in time and a belief she passed down that would guide his work: “Stay in the light, stay positive”. Images in this exhibition were selected from documented, historical photographs from the Civil Rights era and re-appropriated, re-narrated and repositioned to pose visual questions. Intuitive markings serve to re-imagine the spiritual context of the original work.



About the Artist

Charles Williams – Williams is a contemporary visual artist from Georgetown, SC, and holds a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA and an MFA from the University of North Carolina (UNCG), Greensboro, NC. Creating compelling imagery in oils, video / film, and sound installations, Williams’s work investigates current and historical cultural events related to racism, and to suggestive stereotypes formed within individuals. His works define self–representation of human emotive responses that lie within cultural identity, and reveal tension to expose the complexities within our sociopolitical environments. Through his visions, we are encouraged to engage in self-examination, to question false boundaries that separate us, and view the inner connectedness of our common existence.