Crenshaw District Hieroglyph Project

We would like help spread the word about artist Lauren Halsey’s Crenshaw District Hieroglyph Project. The project will consist of a public installation of hieroglyphic carvings that allows communities in South Central LA to author their own stories. This will serve as a medium for the public to express personal narratives, share important news, honor community leaders, celebrate events, and leave obituaries or memorials. It is necessary that we, as residents of South Central LA, author our own stories. Adapting the ancient hieroglyph as a metaphor for power, futurity, and permanence allows community members the freedom to commemorate and monumentalize themselves in a public artwork. Lauren needs your help to make this come to fruition. You can pledge your support to her directly here and if you would like more information on the project please watch the video below or click here.

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