Deep Waters — Residency Art Gallery
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Our Deep Waters: A Collective Body is a group exhibition exploring the here and now as liminal space. Situated between the wounded histories of our ancestors and a collective memory of a future shaped by our hand. Included works by JEM, Andre Keichian, Karla Ekatherine Canseco, Savannah Wood, Ellie Lee, Noe Olivas and Maria Maea. Organized by Maria Maea


Maria Maea

Maria Maea is source. Imbued with a sense of magic, ritual, and play she uses her artist practice to tap in. Working with sculpture, performance and sound.



JEM is a writer and creator based in East Los Angeles. As an educator in the South Bay, JEM focuses on rhetoric and critical pedagogy. Working with ceramics, JEM explores portals and play through a rhetoric of totem and vessel storytelling. The porcelain collective installation, Whirling Cycles, unravels the spiral and its multiple ancient and contemporary motif meanings. Tracing the beauty and violence of undoing/coming together through multiple spatial currents, these spirals aim to articulate the current focus of JEM’s work on re-imagining prehistorical and post-future systems.


Andre Keichian

Keichian’s practice draws on the materiality of image, movement and mass to explore the boundaries of presence and absence, realism and abstraction, proximity and distance, and tangible and the ephemeral. Always interwoven with their personal history as a queer, transgender Argentine-American, they are interested in making work that addresses the complexities and contingencies of what we call identity, as their own is difficult to define. Keichian currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


Karla Ekatherine Canseco

Canseco is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her practice explores the nuances of identity through different mediums. Karla is interested in the potential that exists within fractures that is often overlooked. She reinterprets her own history and translates it through sculpture and performance.

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Savannah Wood

Wood is an artist with deep roots in Los Angeles, Pasadena and Baltimore. Since returning to L.A. in 2015 after three formative years in Chicago, she has been doing curatorial and communications work at Clockshop, a multidisciplinary arts organization based in Frogtown. Savannah is interested in uncovering obscured histories, tapping into ancestral magic, disrupting linear readings of time, and forever learning more about human nature. She makes photographs, clothing and small-scale sculpture.


Ellie Lee

Lee is reimagining her role as an artist. She is the co-founder and director of Equitable Vitrines, a public art non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. She is also active within the Asian American community and sits on the board of the Korea Arts Foundation of America and is a founding steering committee member of a diasporic Korean organization called GYOPO.


Noé Olivas

Noé Olivas is a Southern California-based artist. Through printing making, sculpture, and performance, he investigates the poetics of labor. He considers the relationship between labor as it fits into the conceptions of femininity and masculinity in order to play with and reshape cultural references, narratives, myths, traditions, and objects, ultimately employing a new meaning. Olivas received his BA in Visual Arts from the University of San Diego in 2013 and is currently a MFA candidate at University of Southern California. He lives and works in South Central, Los Angeles, CA.

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