Visual Reference Speaker Series

(Inglewood, CA) Residency Art Gallery is pleased to present Visual Reference, a four-part speaker series focusing on the photographic arts in relation to culture, historical documentation, entertainment and design. Visual Reference will consist of presentations lead by photographic artists making work for and about the aforementioned sectors. Each artist will engage with our audience in an analysis of their work and how individual experiences shaped their practice. Each talk will incorporate a Q & A session where the audience will get an opportunity to engage in open dialogue with the artists. This series will kick-off on February 22nd with Volume I: Cultural Identities and Volume II: Shifting Landscapes on March 11th, both hosted at Residency Art Gallery and moderated by Kya Lou, student, UCLA Department of Art.

Kayla Refer
Rikki Wright
Texas Isaiah

Volume I: Cultural Identities (February 22nd)

Artists Ashani Allick, Texas Isaiah, Kayla Reefer and Rikki Wright will lead conversations about how they perceive and re-imagine cultural identities through portraiture. These artists are deconstructing stereotypical images and approaches to making photos. Simultaneously, they are constructing new visual cultures that value the sitter’s gaze.

Kirk McKoy
Castro Frank

Volume II: Shifting Landscapes (March 11th)

Photographs are key documents in the remembrance of historically marginalized communities. Kirk McKoy, Castro Frank and Russell Hamilton will share moments they have bore witness to in our Black and Latinx communities. Their perspectives have developed visual languages for the remembrance of communities’ movement and stillness.

Volumes III & IV to be announced soon
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